“Om Prakash’s Paintings are ‘Exciting,’” Art Critic, The Hindustan Times, New Delhi, 26 July 1964

Om Prakash’s Paintings are ‘Exciting’

It would perhaps be thought by some that Om Prakash’s recent works, on show at Kumar Gallery, is done in too many modes, that there is a disconnection between one group of works and another. But this first reaction is likely to be minimized after a closer look. Here, there is an overall unity of conception in the majority of the oils. There is a progressive fusion here of one and the same elements, the same strokes, in all and that they culminate in the Forest, Signals and Village – the three most achieved works in the show. The painter’s use of totem-pole, ladder, rail tract, in all their verticality makes for an excitement; like on viewing a Pubelo Indian Village or descending down a mine shaft, or viewing the sections of a tree.

Art Critic, The Hindustan Times, New Delhi, 26 July 1964.

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