“Om Prakash Sharma : A Gilded Spirituality” ART & DEAL, New Delhi, August – September 1999

Om Prakash Sharma : A Gilded Spirituality

Mapping the artistic contours of an artist of the strature of Om Prakash Sharma is an immensely donting task – an attempt to decipher an idiom which has developed through an arduous period of hard work, introspection and refinement; all of which find resonance and identity in his work. A casual observation of his work will not be enough to convey much to the viewer, as his imagery compels the cohesive interaction of the senses as well as the intellect, a fine-tuned appreciation of the illusive yet powerful impact of his work.

It would be a gross understatement that an exhaustive look at Om Prakash’s work is fascinating; it moves much beyond the restraints of stifling adjectives. it moves and interacts with the viewer at surprising levels; always intriguing and pregnant with possibilities. Born on December 14, 1932, Om Prakash Sharma’s name needs no introduction in the world of creative art. His is a well rounded artistic personality, delving thirstily at all vistas and sources of creativity. For Om Prakash, the cycle of creativity is a chain of continually evolving nature of the creative arts, coupled along with the imposition of changing social norms. The crystallization of perspective does not stifle the quality of Om Prakash’s work, rather it directs and defines the artist’s natural urge to express and prevents it from meandering into meaningless creativity. …

ART & DEAL, New Delhi, August – September 1999

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