“Moving Paintings by Om Prakash” Late – S.A. Krishnan, The Statesman, New Delhi, 11 November 1970

Magnificent Work by Om Prakash

There is a distinct musical quality, a precise kinship with sound patterns and melody. Indeed he surpasses himself, by a long stride over the remarkably successful work seen in his last show. His current work is as soundly based on a immaculate inter-relationship of design and colour, mass and form which he has evolved for himself in recent years. We know that colour acquires its significance in relationship with another colour, as musical notes do, and together they create their own resonance. By extension of this principle to an entire range of planes, depths and colour intensities Om Prakash creates a very personally realised world of great charm and sensitivity. The colours, the complex patterns of geometric manifestations, establish their own relations of harmony and contrast, radiating from a nucleus, spreading out like beams of light or sound. The final effect of all this compositional virtuosity is similar to reverberant orchestration, very much beyond the purely sensuous realm, fascinating and thought provoking.

Late – S.A. Krishnan, The Statesman, New Delhi, 18 November 1969

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