“Beautiful Exhibition by Om Prakash,” Late – Richard Bartholomew, The Times of India, New Delhi, 18 November 1969

Beautiful Exhibition by Om Prakash

In the past three years the paintings of Om Prakash have become more and more articulate and the present exhibition is his finest. There is a clarity of vision. Immaculate craftsmanship always impresses, but, when it embodies feeling and not merely cleverness, we have sensitive art. At some stage in the practice of the artist there is a fusion of matter and spirit of structure and form and dexterity and control become synonymous with sensitivity and expression. Both facets and perspective have been worked out, dovetailed, counter pointed or made to echo. The monotony of regularity, of sheer and naked symmetry has been reduced to a minimum as in Mool Swara-Primordial Key or Sah-samvadi Kampan-Harmonic Frequency. It is tempting to compare such paintings and their structure to voice projection and control where even if we miss the meaning of the song there is the melody or the mode. To go beyond this elementary analogy would be far-fetched. But there is this basis for comparison, I believe in Om Prakash’s work. In this collection of paintings, the theme is projected as a geometrical form; and because colour is eloquent on another level and in a different mode the artist has given us paintings, which are also interpretations of radiant phenomena.

Late – Richard Bartholomew, The Times of India, New Delhi, 18 November 1969

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