“A Swing Back to Nature In Glowing Colours” Late – P.N. Mago, Patriot, New Delhi, 8 December 1992

A Swing Back to Nature In Glowing Colours

Om Prakash, in his recent painting entitled On Top of the Clouds displayed at Hyatt Regency, reveals a significant development in his creative approach-a swing back to a rendering of nature in most novel and innovative expression. In fact, during the last four decades has undergone a remarkable series of transformations, initially from figurative works, portraits and landscapes, mostly in impressionistic or artistic style approach and lately to abstract expression. However, he believes that knowledge, at best, enriches the vision of the artist to see differently, totally and concretely. In his present works, Om Prakash has broken the web of geometric formulation in favour of a more fluid form approach. The celestial scenes, more than 30,000 ft. above the sea-level, observed from the window seats on the aeroplane during his foreign travels, have once again drawn him to the irresistible grandeur of nature. The apocalyptic sky-scapes and the awe-inspiring sunsets which he witnessed from that altitude have provided him with a highly fantasised experience of the mystery and essence of nature. Forms of fluffy clouds and serene rays of setting – sun indeed enchant the mind. He has endeavored to transfigure these experiences into glowing colours on his canvasses. To quote Prof. Lokesh Chandra, these are “Sparks of beauty out of the furnace of God”. Om Prakash’s paintings give testimony to his obvious ability, distinctive creative urge and vibrant technical virtuosity. Whether it is the symmetrical parameter and concentric division of the pictorial space or an informal and spontaneous rendering of the illusion, he achieves his aim, with magical dexterity, without losing individuality or the integral quality of his creativity.

Late – P.N. Mago, Patriot, New Delhi, 8 December 1992

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