“Neo – Art” Late – Dr. Laxmi Sihare, Patriot, New Delhi, 15 January 1984

Neo – Art Art in the service contained numerous iconographic elements, starting from abstract forms to figurative images, their residues, and different combinations. Among the important ones are : Bindu (primal point), Oval (a cosmic egg), Square, the perfect form manifested by pairs of opposites acting as complementary rather than contradictory (symbol of the extended […]

“Om Prakash at Kumar Gallery, New Delhi, 1977” Late – K.K. Nair, The Hindustan Times, New Delhi, 10 November 1977

Om Prakash at Kumar Gallery, New Delhi, 1977 Om Prakash whose earlier work in oils and acrylics was the most elegant handling of the geometrical abstract, returned to water colours and spontaneity. Symmetry has lost its tyrannical hold and colour modulates in many tones, yielding startling brilliancies within the clean-edged segments of the design. There […]